I created Sake Cat with the goal of creating a space to educate, launch, and explore sake related content. Sake Breweries are closing in japan very quickly and its up to those who love sake to have a impact on stopping the loss of this amazing art. Some of the breweries that are closing today in Japan are 100′s of years old older than the U.S. as a nation and as important to sake as the Grand Chateau’s of Europe. They are an intrinsic part of a living history that is culturally important to both Japan and the world at large. Its important to me and I hope to you to work toward saving sake heritage for future generations. I want to do this while maintaining integrity, honor, and truth in a time when these values are far from the core ethos in the alcohol industry. Yet I want to maintain sakes Raison d’être of being fun and enjoyable. I hope you’ll join me on my journey and have just as much fun as I do exploring the world of sake.

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